Traditional storytelling is ready to make a comeback

The background story

I wanted to build a mobile chat application that could modernize traditional idea-sharing. I was hungry for an app that emulated the feeling of curling up on a couch and scrolling through live discussions, philosophical debates, and wild rants from across the globe. But not just through delayed replies. No…

Agoric is Live on Testnet with Chainlink to Give JavaScript Smart Contract Developers Access to Secure and Reliable Price Data for DeFi

Adding to our existing library of interchangeable, composable DeFi legos, Agoric is excited to announce that Agoric and Chainlink have teamed up to make it easy for smart…

Join our development progress with weekly Devblogs

If you’ve followed our previous weekly engineering updates on Twitter, you’ve seen that we love sharing our progress with our wonderful community. In an effort to provide additional context behind each initiative, we decided to create the official Agoric Devblog.

We’ll be posting our Devblog across our various channels including…

Meet our founders, learn about our development updates, and ask our team questions!

Agoric is pleased to introduce monthly Community Calls on YouTube Live for developers, builders, and other interested parties. We recently launched Agoric alpha, our smart contract platform, which enables programmers to build composable smart contracts in JavaScript for DeFi.

About the Calls

The purpose of Agoric Community Calls is to provide a consistent…

Don’t let a grand vision keep you from early feedback.

Man throwing rock into ocean
Photo by Wil Stewart on Unsplash

How do you attract a user base and receive valuable feedback before your product goes to market when you’ve got weeks, months, or even a year of development time left on your roadmap? You create a reduced, lightweight version and push that shit out the door!

Quick Background

I’m leading product at…

How we prioritized our UX to make FinTech more accessible

Nothing herein is financial advice. Everything herein is purely informational. Nothing is a recommendation to buy, sell, trade, or own securities. Please consult a licensed professional before trading or investing.

Photo by Ellen Qin on Unsplash

Many established financial applications claim they are democratizing finance for all. But I think they (we!) can do better. Just…

Illustration of woman playing a console game in a spaceship.

How Max Hoberman & David Candland spawned a generation of online console gaming.

Some of you might remember Mike Jones’ hit song Back Then. If you do, you might also remember the nonchalant mention of his phone number in the song. In fact, it came out just a few months after Halo 2’s official release in 2004. But why is that relevant? …

The Era of Working From Home Presents a New Set of Obstacles

White gloves pointing at an old CRT monitor with a pink background
Illustration by Mohamed Chahin

“Conflict can and should be handled constructively; when it is, relationships benefit.” — Harriet B. Braiker

But how do you resolve these issues when the disagreement is with someone on the other side of the world? Someone you never can see physically? …

Methods and Tools to Build Efficient Schedules

16-bit image of a clock with a bead of sweat
Time waits for no one.

It’s March 2020 and the world is going remote. Some are choosing so because it’s a better lifestyle, some just want more peace and quiet, and an increasing majority because international governments are declaring national health hazards.

One of the great benefits of remote teams is that you can hire…

How to make sure your product isn’t a one-trick pony

Chances are, you’ve experienced the feeling of opening a new SaaS application, engaging with its features, and realizing after a few minutes that it feels like a total novelty.

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